Privacy Policy

• How safe is the website?
• Collecting your personal information
• Does BooksDirect use "cookies"?
• How secure are my details once they are given to you?
• Credit Card Information
• What will you do with my Email Address?

Privacy Commitment has created this privacy statement to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy. The following discloses our information gathering sequence in use by

How safe is the website?

We offer the the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) method for you to place your order and view your account details ,order history in our Member Area, so your personal details, such as email, name and address, credit card numbers, are encrypted before sending them to us, using a 128-bit key. This technology works with Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and AOL. Hence, only your browser and our server are able to read the details you typed. Our SSL has been verified by Comodo.

Collecting your personal information

At BooksDirect, it is our concern to protect customer information and to provide a safe and secure on-line ordering system. Our on-line ordering system is used to gather information about our customers, enabling us to provide the complete on-line ordering service.

No information will be collected from browsing our web site. Once you have registered on our web site. Your personal details will be stored in the BooksDirect database so we can make your on-line purchasing in the future easier, or to provide you with prompt assistance if you should call our office for support.

Does BooksDirect use "cookies"?

We do use cookies to enable you to shop from any window on our site. The cookie is a tiny text file containing a session id number, and is sent back to us by your Internet browser each time you add something to your shopping basket!, so we can tell what you want to buy & add it to your shopping basket. The cookie itself will automatically expire after 1 day, or be killed when you complete a purchase. The only information that is obtained from you (other than what you tell us when you check out) is your IP address, which is stored with each order to assist the Police with fraud investigation if required. Note that the cookie allows you to remain logged in to the site once you have entered your e-mail address and password - we recommend that you leave our website by clicking the Logout button on the top of the page, as this will clear your cart, and close your login at the website, if you have previously logged-in to check an order or proceed through the checkout. This is useful for preventing other users of your PC from using your login without your knowledge.

How secure are my details once they are given to you?

We collect your contact information (name, address, e-mail address, and phone numbers) and financial information (credit card details), to process your order.

This information will be kept confidential and at no time will this information be traded, swapped, exchanged or sold to any other party or company. BooksDirect will not use this information for any other purpose than to complete a customer order, or to communicate with the customer to discuss associated problems or delays concerning their order(s).

All customer information is kept on a secure server and protected by firewall security systems.

Customers can access and update their details by logging into BooksDirect web site. The access is achieved by using your personal password and your registered email address.

Credit Card Information

Your credit card details are used for the purpose of payment of a customer order by third party banking, (third party being BooksDirect will at no time disclose this information for any other purpose, than to use these details for the payment of a customer order. The customer gives us their authority to use these details for payment of their orders by using this web-site or by submitting them through facsimile. All credit card details are encrypted during on-line data transfer. Once payment is received the credit card details are removed from our secure server so customers must submit the credit card details each time you place an order.

What will you do with my Email Address?

The E-mail address you submitted during an order will be used by BooksDirect for the sole purpose of extended customer service. BooksDirect will only use your E-mail address to communicate with you about your order. We may also send E-mails to customers about important information regarding the BooksDirect site.